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#961137 by EstelleB
18 Mar 2023, 12:13
Just had an email from Tesco stating that they are reducing all partner conversions to 2x from 3x. I thought that the current VA conversion was 2.5x but maybe I'm wrong?

Anyway - it states that the current conversion rate will continue until 21st July so worth requesting points before this.

Not sure about other people, but I rack up a fair few points with Tesco and use them specifically because of this so not especially impressed!
#961139 by muppster
18 Mar 2023, 22:24
There were limited offers of "up to 3x", but those will end and everything will be 2x instead. Virgin points/miles were 2.5x but this will reduce to 2x in July if you already opt in to auto exchange, or even earlier (14th) June if you are exchanging your vouchers.

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