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#961069 by narikin
07 Mar 2023, 16:44
The announcement of Virgin fully joining SkyTeam on March 2nd says:

As a VS Gold member you’ll be recognised as having SkyTeam Elite Plus status, with priority check in and boarding, baggage handling, and VIP lounge access at more than 970 airports worldwide

How do I get this 'recognition'? As a VS Gold, when I book on AF or Delta, I'm treated as a base member, even if I input my VS Gold # for the booking. Is there something I'm missing here to link all this up?

It's not a huge deal, but being able to select a seat in AF Basic Economy to Paris, or get that checked bag for free, would be a nice bonus!
#961070 by mitchja
07 Mar 2023, 17:36
VS Gold should always give you Sky Priority on DL/AF/KL - that's been the case for some time now even before VS joined SkyTeam.

When it comes to Delta flights and bookings, VS Gold gives you the same status as DL SkyMIles Gold Medallion.

My VS Gold status always shows correctly on DL bookings. I have a DL Comfort+ booking I've just made with DL this weekend as it's correctly offering me the option to request a complimentary upgrade to First (though VS gold is way way way down that huge list). It does, however, give me 2 x 32Kg checked bags for free though instead of the standard 1 x 23Kg costing $30 that Comfort+ normally comes with so at least that is something :)

Try removing your VS flying Club number from the booking, wait a few days and then re-add it.
#961125 by CommanderB
14 Mar 2023, 16:53
narikin wrote:Thanks James, my DL booking (transatlantic in Comfort +) clearly says:
"not complimentary upgrade eligible"

but I'll try as you suggest - remove my VS Gold #, wait a couple of days, then re-add it.


Speculation that may have something to do with your fare bucket rather than Gold.

I've had complimentary upgrades as VS Gold on rare occasions. You can always ask at the airport, but you'll still be behind about 5000 DL Elites.
#961132 by narikin
15 Mar 2023, 15:39
Spend 45m on the phone with Delta, all to no avail - she added and removed my VS lifetime Au # multiple times, but nothing worked. She finally gave up and said 'try at the airport'

I've paid for Comfort+, so its far from the base fare level and have a reserved seat, etc, but would be nice to have the status recognised, a free checked bag, and the ability to at least be on the upgrade list, before getting to the airport.

Next time, all things being equal, I'll book on the VS site, not Delta, so it's always a VS ticket. (though that may make zero difference) Of course using the VS website to buy co-shares, is a 'work in progress', so that may not be an option!
#961133 by mitchja
15 Mar 2023, 16:52
What do you see when you enter your DL PRN details into

Select Delta and enter the required details. That shows you a little more detail about your PNR.

On my DL booking in the 'Passengers' section I see the following field which shows my VS FF # is gold:

OAID /VS1xxxxxxxxx **VS GOLD**

What does yours say?

You may need to speak to Flying Club and get them to escalate it to IT as I've seen a few people online have similar issues with VS status not being pushed through to partner airlines correctly.
#961148 by narikin
20 Mar 2023, 19:14
Thanks James,
on the pnr:sh site it shows me as:
"VS10000xxxxx **VS GOLD**"
makes no difference to joining the upgrade waitlist though.

Had a 30m online chat to Delta rep. She said she'd manually added my VS #, despite it already showing my VS membership at my end. And said VS Au's are only eligible to join the waitlist at the airport, not before then.
On the booking it simply says: "NOT COMPLIMENTARY UPGRADE ELIGIBLE" which means I'll be arguing at the airport, and getting nowhere, I'm sure. Sigh!

(per your earlier suggestion, I tried deleting VS#, having no status there, waiting a few days, then re-attaching. but: nope! nothing changed!)
#961535 by EDIflyer
12 May 2023, 09:58
I'm having the same issue (albeit as a lowly Silver!).

I've added (and removed and re-added!) my VS Silver number to an upcoming DL domestic booking so I can get Sky Priority boarding. However no SP showing on the booking and confirms SKY_PRIORITY_FLAG=false (with the FQTV field just showing /VS#####-Surname/Firstname and no level). Delta website CS form just ends up sending a message across to KLM/AF instead!

Does anyone know if it's a VS or DL issue?
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