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#961184 by SDFLYER
26 Mar 2023, 11:10
I have booked multi city flights

LHR - MIA in Premium mid April
LAX - LHR in Upper early May

Both using points and one upgrade voucher from premium to Upper on the LAX route, we initially paid £2001.62 in taxes and fees
A few days later Upper class seats were available on the Miami route, I called to upgrade using another voucher, we were then charged an extra £662.20 in taxes and fees
It seems a bit high to me at £1331.90 each.

Any help would be appreciated,

#961185 by mikethe3rd
26 Mar 2023, 12:43
I’m assuming all prices quoted are for two pax?

I would expect this return routing in UC to cost £1,000pp. You can even get this price using the VS website. I’d screenshot similar dates (eg, off peak or peak) and send an email to customer service.

Do you have the one PNR for this booking or two?
#961186 by mitchja
26 Mar 2023, 13:08
I also agree that does sound too high. For reference I paid £965.71 for a return G fare MAN>ATL ATL>LHR booked using a credit card upgrade voucher a few weeks ago. Departures from MAN do have a lower UB fee though compared to LHR but overall it still shouldn't be much more than £1000.

Base Fare USD 0.00
Carrier-imposed Surcharge (YQ) GBP 700.00
United States - Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee (AY) GBP 4.70
United Kingdom - Air Passenger Duty (APD) (GB) GBP 191.00
United Kingdom - Passenger Service Charge (UB) GBP 20.41
United States - Transportation Tax (US) GBP 35.20
United States - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Fee (APHIS User Fee - Passengers (XA) GBP 3.20
United States - Immigration and Naturalization Fee(Immigration User Fee) (XY) GBP 5.80
United States - Custom User Fee (YC) GBP 5.40
Total Amount GBP 965.71
#961187 by SDFLYER
26 Mar 2023, 15:14
Thanks everyone, I have called them today, the agent made an error, they are refunding me the difference, it's now just under 2K for the two of us which is what I thought was the round about figure.


#961192 by CommanderB
26 Mar 2023, 21:17
Glad you got a refund!

Whenever the taxes & fees are above £1k I always ask for a full breakdown and I usually compare with the breakdown on the VS site as well to make sure there isn't a huge discrepancy.
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