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#961195 by flyingfox
27 Mar 2023, 15:24
AF/KLM are introducing the dreaded fee to reserve seats in business class.

As of 4 April, for travel as of 13 April 2023, Air France and KLM will introduce Advance Seat Reservation (ASR) in Business Class. Business Class customers can select their seat against a fee during the reservation window. Fares vary between 70 and 90 EUR. ASR has already been implemented in Economy Class. Flying Blue Silver, Gold, Platinum members, as well as Corporate customers (excluding bluebiz), can select their seat in Business Class free of charge. Business Class customers can always select their seat free of charge during the check-in window.

How long before VS follows is the question here.

Details Here
#961197 by mitchja
27 Mar 2023, 17:05
flyingfox wrote:How long before VS follows is the question here.

Details Here

Not long I don't think as has anyone noticed the fleet seat maps on the VS website?

All A/C maps now have a new 'Preferred Seats' label for sections in Economy and Premium. Thankfully nothing so far in any of the Upper cabins though; apart from the A330neo which labels the 1D & 1G Retreat Suites as 'Preferred Seats'.

See the VS seat maps here and click any of the A/C types.

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