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#961937 by flyingfox
07 Sep 2021, 22:07
VS have extended flying club status for a further 6 months ;

Virgin Atlantic has announced a further extension to the timeframe for customers to maintain their Flying Club tier status. Members will receive an additional six months, as the airline continues to increase flexibility for its loyal customers.

In recognition of the continued impact Covid-19 has had on its customers’ ability to fly, particularly to the US, the airline is offering an extra six months for Gold and Silver members to maintain their tier status.

This latest move marks the fifth extension for Flying Club members throughout the pandemic and underpins Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to providing flexibility for its most loyal customers. It means in total, all members will have been given an extra two years to maintain tier status and redeem a host of benefits.

In addition to tier extensions, Companion, Upgrade or Clubhouse vouchers, will be extended further.

In line with previous extensions and to ensure customers receive a seamless digital experience, changes have been automatically applied to members accounts. Customers will not need to call to update their status, as it will be extended automatically. Members will be able to download or print their digital membership card from the Virgin Atlantic website or app.

info via this link
#961964 by mitchja
12 Sep 2021, 21:03
Has anyone received this latest status extension yet?

I've not so far. My AU expiry date is still the same as it was before (31st March 2022).
#962020 by matt.hibb
Today, 10:49
I got the extension email on Sept 7th. Where are people seeing their expiry date?

I was gold, due to expire sometime July/Aug 2020, but had already earned 1445 TP by March 2020. It still says I've earned 1445 TP and I can't find an expiry date anywhere.
#962022 by mitchja
Today, 11:08
If you have already hit your membership threshold, the expiry date disappears unfortunately.

Do you have your FC card to hand by any chance?

Looking at my AU account + adding 6 months on which still hasn't been added to my account yet, my new expiry date is my AU card expiry date + 23 months.

My AU card expiry date was 10/20. This latest extension should take my account to 30th Sept 2022 ( though mine is still currently March 31st 2022).

I need 520 TP's to re-qualify which I'll easily hit and exceed by the end of this year especially now the US boarders are re-opening. In fact I've just worked out by Jan 4th I am on track to earn a total of 1700 TP's which is a record for me :-O as I've a couple of Upper Class I and D fares coming up this year.
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