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#962055 by markyl
25 Sep 2021, 09:53
Planning a UC Trip July / August 2022 for a big birthday

Browsing now flights in UC from LHR are coming in at about £2,400.00 each.

Looking for some advice as to whether this is good value for that route / time or should I hold out?

Advice welcome
#962056 by ColOrd
25 Sep 2021, 11:20
I would say £2400 is about right for fares in advance for West Coast for July / August. You can get them cheaper at different times of the year. Normally I can find some bargains with an LA or a SFO around £1600-1900 at Christmas time for example.

I’m looking at doing something in the Summer in 22 and SFO was coming out about £2200 for June.
#962057 by ColOrd
25 Sep 2021, 11:23
One other consideration will be sale fares - right now demand is massive for UK people booking up who have open tickets or credits left over from the last few years. Once that demand subdues there will be some kind of sale activity, however for July/August I am
not sure that you’ll see much cheaper than what you’ve quoted!
#962065 by AlsirAl
25 Sep 2021, 14:11
It’s a risk but if your willing to take it, Black Friday always has been fruitful for us in the past, however there is no guarantee the fairs you will be after will go on sale
#962090 by VIR75L
27 Sep 2021, 22:01
flyingfox wrote:VS and VH are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale campaigns so might be worth hanging fire;

link here

If it’s anything like a normal Virgin ‘sale’ the price will creep up the week before and then be no cheaper (often more expensive) than the price you could have got before…
#962091 by AlsirAl
28 Sep 2021, 02:24
As with all sales you have to be aware of prices beforehand but there are 10000% deals to be had.
Pre COVID the standard selling price for Lon to joberg return was £3700. Of course you would wait and often see it creep down to £1900. Black Friday sale comes along and sells it for £1199! £700 saving pp if your flexible on dates and even if you have little flexibility there was about a £500 saving to be had (There was actually fairs for £999 last Black Friday sale but I’m pretty sure this was a COVID price)
#962169 by markyl
02 Oct 2021, 11:28
Thank you for your advice.

By way of an update, after a long wait I got through to a helpful guy who with a combination of using my miles, topping up my miles, using companion / upgrade vouchers we got to a point of

5 X Upper Class Tickets LHR - SFO and LAX - LHR return in August for a total of £3,800.00

I'm VERY pleased with the result.
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#962176 by ColOrd
02 Oct 2021, 13:10
I would say that’s a right result!
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