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#959993 by ColOrd
09 Mar 2021, 12:16
I thought this was already known about?
#959996 by ColOrd
09 Mar 2021, 12:31
Ahh makes a lot of sense really, I did think it had gone very quiet on this one.

Annoyingly, I couldn't see on the website what the two days are they are flying there.
#960096 by CommanderB
15 Mar 2021, 15:16
mitchja wrote:It looks to be Sundays and Wednesdays. It's a double drop route via Antigua both ways.

Ah so not much has really changed then. Wasn't UVF a double drop before that got killed?

I do like this format, it's an efficient way of offering a second route without having to add another plane, crew and load factor to things.
#962396 by mitchja
19 Oct 2021, 19:19
wanderingmariner wrote:Wonder if VS will go cap in hand to the St Lucian government at some point? Surely they are going to be desperate for as much business as possible post Covid. Its not as if the UVF flights were ever empty and just handing business to BA on a plate was crazy.

VS have already announced that they are indeed returning to St Lucia from Dec 18th this year. It's in this press release.
#962410 by VS075
21 Oct 2021, 12:34
wanderingmariner wrote:Thanks James, must admit to not checking VS website that often. Great they are going back, was a massively strange decision to pull out in the first place.

The story goes at the time that it was down to a disagreement over fees/subsidies, which frankly I expect from the likes of Ryanair. Either this has now been resolved or, in light of COVID and closed borders elsewhere, VS have worked out they can run the route profitably. I also think it's now seasonal winter instead of year-round as before.
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