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#962403 by NorthernLad
20 Oct 2021, 13:13
Thought this link may be useful to anyone travelling to Orlando.

It was mentioned in Southroma's Trip Report from March 2020 and we also made use of the pass last time we were there, around the same time.

At that time they had a human being handing out the passes but now they apparently have an automated kiosk that dispenses the pass.
You now need to download the app and make your reservation on that.

We found it worked very well . We had to return early-and the credit from our $10 deposit was returned promptly.
#962404 by Murraymint
20 Oct 2021, 13:14
I was looking at this myself yesterday and downloaded the app. Will use it on my next MCO trip.
#962414 by Kraken
21 Oct 2021, 16:48
We never bother with this, as more often than not the only tolls we incur in Florida are on the SR528 heading from & back to MCO - so it's just easier to stay in the left lanes and pay cash.

Am fairly sure Alamo had an e-toll option linked to the cars licence plate. They charged you the tolls incurred if you drove through the e-toll lane, plus a small daily fee for the days you used the service. There was a cap on the daily fee over the rental period so you'd never pay more than a set amount in daily fees, if I remember rightly.
#962415 by AlecK
21 Oct 2021, 16:58
I'm definitely using VTP In Nov. It was great when I last used it July '19.
#962427 by Go_Vols
22 Oct 2021, 15:11
Does anyone know if the same (or similar) is available from Miami? We're flying into MIA next year and driving up to Orlando. Something like this would be really handy even though I always set my Google maps to avoid tolls, you're only ever a lane change away from slipping onto a toll road...
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