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#962506 by NorthernLad
27 Oct 2021, 20:36
On previous trips in UC from Manchester we have visited the check in desk to collect a hand written Virgin/Escape Lounge Pass & boarding passes.
Seem to recall mention of Boarding Pass which, we can pre-print, now serving as the Lounge Pass,
Can anyone confirm that applies to the 1903 Lounge?

Thats assuming that Virgin are now using the 1903?

On the other hand I guess a visit to the desk, to prove the Covid test & Vaccinations, is still needed...
#962508 by mitchja
27 Oct 2021, 21:33
When I was there a few weeks ago, the 1903 lounge bit was just hand written on my paper boarding pass check-in printed for me along with a fast-track security sticker.

The lounge desk staff look up your entry entitlement when you arrive.

iOS Apple Wallet VS boarding passes are still not showing the priority banner for Upper Class pax etc. This has been an issue for years now which VS don’t seem interested in fixing. The boarding pass within the iOS VS app does show the priority banner correctly.

As far as I’m aware, VS are still using the 1903 lounge at MAN. I’ll know for sure when I’m next there in 2 weeks.

The COVID-19 checks were pre-checkin for BGI flights and once that’s cleared and you are good to go you are given one of those red VS passport stickers we always used to get.

It looks like the airlines are going to be the ones checking US entry entitlement / testing certs etc which I guess will be done pre-check in so you will need to visit the check in desks.

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