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#962803 by ColOrd
20 Nov 2021, 19:29
I thought I would put this in here, as its technically a "new" procedure if true. I read somewhere either on Twitter or maybe on the other aviation forum who dare not speak its name here, that VS arrivals at LAX were being processed through TBIT rather than through T2. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this, or is/was it a peak Covid thing that is now over?
#962805 by mitchja
20 Nov 2021, 21:54
The VS website does mention this so it is legit:

Virgin Atlantic arrivals to LAX
When you arrive in to LAX with us, we’ll be disembarking at Terminal B in the Tom Bradley International Terminal. You’ll be able to collect your bags here, as well as clear Customs and Border Protection. It’s important to note that this is a different terminal to Terminal 2 that we depart from, so please make sure you let family and friends meeting you know in advance, or consider when making parking arrangements.

LAWA the airport authority runs a 24hr shuttle that circles the airports making stops at all of the terminals.

Virgin Atlantic departures from LAX
You’ll still find our check-in teams ready to welcome you to Terminal 2 as usual, along with security screening and the Terminal 2 departure lounge.

Once you’ve cleared security in Terminal 2, we’ll ask you to proceed to the gate, at which point we’ll provide shuttle busses for the short trip to Terminal B (Tom Bradley International Terminal), where our planes will be operating from. We strongly recommend you make the journey across to Terminal B as soon as you can after clearing security in Terminal 2.

Whilst our LAX Clubhouse unfortunately remains closed at this time, our colleagues will be very pleased to take care of Upper Class and Gold Flying Club customers in the Delta Sky Club on the mezzanine level of the Terminal 2 departure lounge. If you do intend to use the Delta Sky Club please ensure you make you way over to Terminal B at least an hour before the stated departure time.

If you have any questions, our teams will of course be available in Terminal 2 and on hand to assist.

There must be a reason why VS can't have their check-in in TBIT? VS check-in at LAX T2 and the whole of T2 departures is pretty grim; as least it was when I was last there in 2019.
#962807 by ColOrd
20 Nov 2021, 22:19
Thanks Mitchja you’re a star, I couldn’t find it on the website!

We are flying into LA and back out of Vegas.

When I flew into LA last (also 2019) it was a lush experience, off the plane, was HBO, so straight through no bags to collect, was lucky with the Hilton shuttle and pretty much was in my room at the Hilton within of half an hour of the plane door opening!

I somehow suspect on Xmas Eve that TBIT might not be so swift!
#962860 by paulreg
24 Nov 2021, 17:47

Is VS website now allowing Covid Test cetificates and NHS Vaccine certifcates to be uploaded during Online check in?

Has anyone had any experience of getting a child a US covid day 3 test in Orlando? Are there plenty of sites for non US citizens?
#962861 by Q_Division
24 Nov 2021, 18:46
I manage to upload my certificates yesterday via my booking as it seems you can do it 3 days before. Check in for me doesn't open until tomorrow but it seemed to accept them.
#962863 by Lindsk
24 Nov 2021, 22:49
I’ve uploaded our negative test results and NHS QR codes as well ahead of our Friday flight. Checked on FlyReady and we are both showing as verified.
I’m still printing everything out though, just being cautious.
#962923 by ColOrd
29 Nov 2021, 15:53
vji6697 wrote:
ColOrd wrote: but on my record will be three Covid Shots, 1,2 and the Booster. Since they aren't as far as I know doing Boosters in the US are they going to query it and question why I have had a third? I am sure other people will be in this situation!

I wouldn't worry too much about this as the NHS app is unable to show the booster at the moment and there seems to be no clear roadmap as to when that will appear. The advice being, if your destination wants proof of a booster, then your GP can write a letter. For the US, you can just use the travel passport in the NHS App. I know as my Dad had his booster a month ago and when I checked his app, it was not there, so a quick bit of googling showed why

For anyone's reference my Booster is showing in my NHS App. I had it yesterday lunchtime and it was showing in the app this morning with the ability to generate both an Apple Wallet pass and print a QR code etc.
#962939 by 5549
Yesterday, 10:28
I wish they would just hurry up and announce it I have my test booked for Tuesday for Thurs flight.
#962940 by Tfawkes
Yesterday, 10:38
5549 wrote:I wish they would just hurry up and announce it I have my test booked for Tuesday for Thurs flight.

I'm similar I've got a test booked for Monday for travel on Wednesday. I'm just hoping they new rules don't come in until after I fly. But I don't think we'll here anything until the briefing planned for tomorrow
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