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#962976 by mikethe3rd
03 Dec 2021, 18:51
Any clue where this might be? ... estination

Virgin Atlantic is finalising plans for a new route, with a US destination expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Chief commercial officer Juha Jarvinen said the new destination will be operating by summer 2022, serving leisure and business travellers, as the carrier ramps back up towards pre-pandemic capacity.

Someone on Twitter believes it’s a destination not served by VS before.
#962985 by DIAZLUXO
03 Dec 2021, 23:19
Since this new route would be leisure and business focused, could we see the leisure A350 operating there? Maybe that is too much capacity and they will only have a fleet of 5...
#962986 by mattyp
03 Dec 2021, 23:35
My guess is that it will be a route currently served by BA that VS think they can take some traffic from.

Pre Covid, Austin did very, very well with BA, as did San Diego - both of these destinations were upgraded to larger aircraft by BA in 2019 and serve both business and leisure markets.

I’d make Salt Lake City an outsider…
#962992 by tontybear
04 Dec 2021, 11:20
Will probably be an airport with a significant DL prescience to benefit from connections as well as somewhere attractive for both business and leisure traffic.

Maybe with some incentives from the airport / local governments as an enticement to start service.
#962999 by DIAZLUXO
04 Dec 2021, 18:16
I don't know but maybe they would give HNL a try, with stops in the west coast (LAS, SFO, LAX). Maybe this is too ambitious
#963000 by 747G-VXLG
04 Dec 2021, 18:17
I take it this new route will be another Heathrow only route?
#963105 by ColOrd
10 Dec 2021, 04:21
One that I’ve been theorising for a while about and kinda forgot - this wouldn’t surprise me if it was another shot at Chicago!

The reason for my theory would be that VS have been running Cargo ops back there for at least a year now and I’m fairly sure it’s been a daily flight for most of it! If there’s a solid customer base there for cargo is it that VS are gonna try a relaunch?
#963111 by tontybear
10 Dec 2021, 12:45
Would ORD count as 'new' though?

VS have tried twice previously with ORD and canned it. Both times seemed to be timed not long after I flew it ...

It could easily be served by DL/VS via e.g. JFK/ATL but there is AF and KL via CDG and AMS. And AF and KL can draw travel from their UK regional flights where people are going to have to change flights anyway.

Plus is seems well served by BA, AA and UA ex LHR
#963117 by mitchja
10 Dec 2021, 17:43
I can't see it being anywhere in Florida as the original article mentions serving both leisure and business travellers. Florida is and always will predominately be leisure oriented traffic only regardless of the airport.

Saying that, as a purely selfish request though, FLL would actually be super convenient for me :cool:
#963120 by ColOrd
10 Dec 2021, 18:51
Having spent a lovely holiday in FLL in 2019 I couldn’t agree more Mitchja! That being said my money really is on ORD!
#963146 by mitchja
14 Dec 2021, 17:32
Some of the online travel bloggers are guessing this could be MSP (Minneapolis), as Its rumoured DL are willing to hand this route over to VS as apparently it’s underperforming for them but I’m not sure VS will have any greater success with MSP?
#963156 by tontybear
15 Dec 2021, 10:40
If DL can't make LHR-MSP a go (and it's a big hub for DL) then like you I'm not sure VS can either. I did have a very nice DL flight to MSP about 10 years ago (connecting onto ORD) but of course a lot has happened since then. I might even have done a TR on it.

The upper middle part of the US seems popular at the moment with BA announcing Indianopolis recently so that makes me think that's not where the new route will be.
#963159 by FLYERZ
15 Dec 2021, 14:59
If I was ignoring economics/business sense I would say new VS US route? New Orleans....feels very Virgin right?

But being serious I think Chicago is unlikely. Yes they have returned during CV19 as a Cargo route but that was during unprecedented time, when Cargo demand has soared. Converting this to a PAX service I think would be much less appealing given the level of competition/capacity on the route (also previously exiting ORD seasonally previously).

Minneapolis doesn't make much sense to my small brain purely because if DL can't make it work from one of their hubs why would DL/VS think VS could make it work? To me MSP would be similar to ATL in terms of passengers being mainly connecting or business/visiting friends & family - not sure much leisure goes on!

I think more realistic would be Austin (Texas being a gap in VS US coverage, with likely enough demand to justify its own flight rather than ATL connection) or Denver. My money would go on Austin given it being only served by BA currently.
#963179 by mitchja
16 Dec 2021, 12:37
I don't see PHX happening as that already fairly well served by DL from several airports VS op to/from already (LAX, ATL JFK etc).

I've noticed that since Nov 23rd, VS have been op-ing what looks like regular cargo flights to/from CVG (Cincinnati).
#963415 by tontybear
07 Jan 2022, 08:41
So who had AUS in the sweepstakes?
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