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#963714 by David
28 Jan 2022, 11:59
If the need to use slots is enforced this summer, does anyone think that VS will return to Gatwick sooner than they initially anticipated ?

I've got flights that need to be booked from London (last years attempts) and trying to figure out if they might still be at Heathrow or might be moved back to Gatwick


#963715 by Weaver33
28 Jan 2022, 13:12
I may be wrong but I believe VS have leased its slots to Easyjet, so they remain ‘used’ even if it’s not Virgin using them. The world of slots is a very complicated business.
#963722 by Virginlondon
29 Jan 2022, 13:41
If they are gong back and I assume they will. Later this year or next I would have thought. I doubt they’d run 3 daily’s to MCO from LHR. Most people I know seem intent on having an overseas holiday this year. So maybe they will this summer. They’d need to announce it soon I would have thought if it is this year.
#963724 by tontybear
30 Jan 2022, 19:35
I see most likely end of October when the Winter flight season starts or March 2023 when the summer season starts. Either way they need to get flights on sale as soon as they know.

Not sure this year would be possible given the need to either bring back existing staff and update their SEP and other training or to recruit andfully train new staff (or a mix of both). Would be a huge exercise to do that for what would be several hundred staff.

Plus would also be conditional on how easily VS can get their slots back from who ever they leased them to (Easyjet?) or to get new ones from the slot pool from the slot coordinator.
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