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#964837 by pigeon81
13 May 2022, 11:23
Hi There,

I'm looking to book a flight in Economy, LHR to JFK on 21st July 2022, using points. But even though there are seats available on VS25 (8.15pm) flight, it's showing as sold out, if I want to book with points. (Available if I don't pay with points!).

I wondered if anyone knew, when the next round of seats might be released, so I can book with points? Not sure if you guys have this information :p

I did call up flying club, but they said they can be released at anytime.

But thought I would give this forum a shot, if there are common trends you might be aware of.

Thank you,
#964845 by tontybear
14 May 2022, 07:19
There isn’t any sort of fixed time frame as to when VS release reward seats.

And as you’ve seen they also don’t offer points seats just because they are selling cash fares.

Unlike BA they don’t release a fixed number over flights when the booking window moves on.

So it’s a case of regular checking and jumping in when you do see one

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