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#964892 by David
19 May 2022, 16:50
So as the title infers, now that we are no longer an EU member, if you book an ex EU trip ( DUB - MCO with an overnight in Heathrow on the outbound is around £1650. Which makes your 100,000 miles worth(less) around £700. No great at all) will they still insist on booking your baggage through to Dublin on the return flight.

There is another option for an 11 hour layover in Heathrow on the return. Would they still book your baggage through to Dublin with that layover time ?

Thanks for your thoughts.

#964896 by Kraken
19 May 2022, 21:34
I thought the only two things that would allow a short-checking of bags on the return route were...

1. A change of [normally London] airport for your onward final leg of the journey... but that traffic on the M25 can be a b*gger and you miss the last flight.
2. A suitably long layover [ideally overnight, but less than 24hrs] so that it is not unreasonable for you to want access to your luggage to use a hotel day-room.

I know the airlines are very wise to ex-EU ticketing, but as long as they price the routings the way they do & UK APD stays as it is - no chance of it being reduced - people will try the trick.

Of course, the huge risk is when things go tits-up with IRROPS. A few years ago a friend was flying from the USA into Manchester, but the flight [not Virgin] diverted to Birmingham. The airline in question - a US carrier - insisted on putting all the passengers on a coach from BHX up to MAN, as their contract was to get the passengers to MAN. Said friend lived about half an hour from BHX and was less than impressed when his pleas to have his luggage back at BHX were refused.

This may have been because the US carrier were scared some - most likely US Citizens - may have been onboard & they all had good lawyers back in the USA so would try to file lawsuits for breach of contract. Who knows - but friend was not impressed.
#964898 by tontybear
20 May 2022, 09:44
'ex-EU' flights were nothing to do with the EU It was shorthand for 'Europe' (not all of which is in the EU and some good 'ex-EU' fares were available from the likes of Inverness). Brexit hasn't really changed anything as far as these fares are concerned..

As your ticketted destination is DUB then expect your baggage to be checked to there. It is possible to extract bags at LHR but it's not an instant process and it's not going to be a priority for baggage handlers.

If you want to avod that then schedule the last leg to depart from either LGW or LCY (because you have to take your bags there) or for the day after landing.

Another strategy is to end your ticketted trip in LHR but that may not generate the same level of savings as ending in DUB

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