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#963476 by 747G-VXLG
09 Jan 2022, 17:30
G-VKSS positioned EDI-LHR earlier as VS878P and then operated VS379 LHR-ISB. This is the first time an A330-300 was used on this route.
#964639 by 747G-VXLG
24 Apr 2022, 23:54
mitchja wrote:Anyone know why G-VWOO is on her way to CPT (Cape Town) from MAN as the VS615 this evening?

It’s apparently a one off charter. There were rumours of MAN-CPT becoming a permanent route, but they appear to be false.
#964914 by 747G-VXLG
23 May 2022, 06:58
Due to delays yesterday, the following will happen today:

G-VEVE is currently in MCO after positioning in to take over last night’s delayed VS136 and will return to it’s usual flying routine on Tuesday.

G-VLIB will position to Heathrow at 10:05am after being on the ground yesterday and will operate today’s VS135 to MCO and then VS74 to MAN.

G-VJAM is currently operating VS74 MCO to MAN and will operate today’s VS73 MAN-MCO and then VS136 LHR-MCO.

G-VWAG is currently significantly delays on VS363 to MAN. This will have a knock on with today’s VS127 which will likely be delayed at least 2 hours.
#964954 by mitchja
26 May 2022, 15:11
At a guess, I would say they will more than likely they will be deployed on other routes based on demand and loads. It's now far easier for VS to send the 'leisure' config A351's to many other destinations compared to when they had their fleet of 744's.

Overall I think we need to try and forget about calling the new A351's (EVE & LIB) 'leisure fleet'. It's just a different config and not necessarily an A/C VS send to just leisure destinations such as MCO.
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