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#964958 by ASLO
28 May 2022, 13:32
We are braving flying our two children (5 and 8) UC. I've noticed the seats have an ottoman with a seat belt. Does anyone know if a child can sit on one of these for take off and landing?

Thank you.
#964960 by mitchja
28 May 2022, 14:05
Welcome to V-Flyer :)

Unfortunately, no-one can be sat in the ottomans during takeoff or landing. Everyone needs to be sat in their own proper seat.
#964964 by ASLO
29 May 2022, 10:22
Thank you James... I will need to find a creative way to ensure my youngest is ok with his ears on TO and Landing. Unless he's allowed on my lap with a lap belt?
#964973 by jonathanb
30 May 2022, 18:59
It's a bit tricky but I have done this many times, what I do is strap them in at the last moment fairly tight. Then put something they love on an tablet but don't let them watch it for a few days before. Hopefully they can be glued to it. I often had to hang my hand over the side of their seat and hold their hand, have a snack ready as well and make sure they have their teddy/blanket.

#965067 by labby88
14 Jun 2022, 08:50
James is right they cannot sit on your lap or the ottoman for TO and landing. Space permitting you may be able to ask the crew on boarding if you can sit next to each other in Economy or Premium for take off.
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