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#965116 by ian448
20 Jun 2022, 19:01
had a 6hr flight delay (Vs132 BGI - LHR, 14th June) have submitted a claim direct with VA just wondering if anyone has submitted such a claim recently and what the time scales / response time was ?
#965122 by plane340
21 Jun 2022, 21:09
Had an almost 5 hour delay back in April LHR-SFO.
Plane went tech on the way over to 27L. Sat on there for about 3 hours until they transferred us to another aircraft.
Landed into SFO 4 hours and 9 minutes behind schedule.
As soon as I got to our Hotel, I completed the form and was also told that I would hear within 7 days!.
Heard nothing until a few days after we arrived back in London (15 days) then it was about another 10 days until I received the payment.
Was a horrible journey out to USA, sitting in Y for 3-4 hours and then a 10 1/2 hour flight. But 4x $600 certainly made up for it.
Good luck :D

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