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#965589 by PaulW
05 Aug 2022, 15:43
I’ve been gold since 2002 and lifetime gold since 2012.

Originally you would get a birthday card with a code to claim 2000 miles, then for some time the 2000 miles would be automatically awarded to your account.

For the first time ever this has not happened this year, now over a month late. Has VS stopped birthday miles, even though still advertised online??

Is this the new loyalty…..
#965590 by mitchja
05 Aug 2022, 16:17
No, it's still a benefit of Flying Flying Gold. It should be automatic now though. I got mine in January without any issues.

The benefit is still listed on this page
#965611 by CommanderB
07 Aug 2022, 15:45
I think the birthday miles part of the flying club is the only thing that continued to work through the madness of Covid! :-D

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