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#965607 by Always after a deal
07 Aug 2022, 10:03

Just come back from flying into IAD and returning from ATL on a reward upper class. I have earned tier points but no miles flown points. I know we previously did not get any points or tier points, but did this change recently.

We had an amazing road trip travelling through 8 States riding on lots of Steam railways and got to visit Hershey park and Dollywood. It was great to be back in the US.

#965610 by CommanderB
07 Aug 2022, 12:55
AlsirAl wrote:If full reward redemption then no points. If you upgraded you get points from the original ticket

Just to add to this...

  • Straight reward flight - tier points only (this ends in September I think).
  • Economy or Premium + points upgrade to Upper - tier points & points from the underlying fare, with relevant status bonuses.
  • Operational upgrade (i.e.overbooking) underlying fare points only. Can sometimes reward the flown cabin points incorrectly if the ground crew put you in the wrong fare bucket.

For claiming points on the underlying fare, you normally need to check your account and see if it is credited correctly. I have never seen it work. Usually, an upgraded flight gets logged as a reward flight (due to the fare bucket) and you have to chase for the points. I did one flight recently where it logged the tier points for a reward flight and half the points for the underlying fare. It required VS to unpick the entire trip to fix it >-(
#965622 by Always after a deal
08 Aug 2022, 18:57
Thank you for your reply.

We flew on a Upper Class reward flight G all paid with points, on Virgin Atlantic LHR to IAD.

But on the way back we were flying Virgin Atlantic ATL to LHR Upper Class reward flight G. But the flight got cancelled about 9 hours before the flight. We later found out that the pilot had Covid.

We were first rebooked automatically on to Delta Main Cabin from Atlanta to Detroit, then Delta One from Detroit to London Heathrow. This did not work for us as the 4 Main Cabin seats were all middle seats dotted around the plane, and as we were travelling with my disabled son he was unable to sit by himself.

We could see that there was a direct flight ATL to LHR a couple of hours earlier with 7 Delta One seats still available to purchase. We thought that it would be no problem to switch to this flight, so we headed for the Virgin Atlantic checkin at Atlanta International and this was where it got weird.

We were told that we could not change to the earlier direct Delta flight as we had booked with points!! We also had no right to fly together as we were on 2 separate bookings, which the Virgin Atlantic Call Center had linked for us before flying. But according to the Virgin Atlantic representative at ATL there is no such thing as linked booking!

My disabled son travels using his own powered wheelchair and is obviously disabled. We also had to provide all sorts of personal information regarding his disability before flying. So we were very surprised that his disability could not be taken into consideration when rebooking the flight.

We then had to stand our ground, talk to the manager on the Virgin representative phone, read him the EU Flight Cancellation Rules, and about 30 minutes before the flight was about to go the Virgin Atlantic representative allowed us to fly. So a mad dash through the Airport insued and we just made the flight.

We ended up flying back home 2 of us on I fare and 2 of us on Z fare which have earned points and tier points.

I would like to bring Virgin Atlantic's attention to the bad treatment that we as a family received at ATL, but don't want them to decide to take back the points we earned from the flight home.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

#965623 by mitchja
08 Aug 2022, 19:33
One thing I will say is there has never been the ability to link bookings so the staff at ATL were indeed correct. All the call centre agent will have done is make a note of each of the booking references in the other booking using the internal notes section which may or may not be visible to check-in or other ground staff. That is all they can do and it basically does nothing what so ever as those bookings are and always will remain separate.
#965627 by ashs350
08 Aug 2022, 21:48
I had all my tier points disappear 2 days ago, while it shows I am silveron the app, delta systems didn’t recognise me as sky priority. They still haven’t come back, so I suspect some glitch of VA side. Pretty disappointing tbh
#965634 by chrisfinch_2000
09 Aug 2022, 11:24
CommanderB wrote:
AlsirAl wrote:If full reward redemption then no points. If you upgraded you get points from the original ticket

Just to add to this...

  • Straight reward flight - tier points only (this ends in September I think).

Has this been announced? I’ve not heard about tier points on reward flights ending soon?
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