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#966055 by ColOrd
23 Sep 2022, 12:39
Hi Guys

I have a return reward flight booked to SFO for next week, for a number of reasons, I am going to change this.

I will be changing it to going out to JFK in April and the return sector I dont want to come back till November. (I'm doing a transatlantic cruise with Virgin Voyages).

Now flights for November 23 haven't been released yet, so can I put the return into a placeholder date and then change it AFTER I have flown the outbound sector, or can you only change the return before the outbound is flown?
#966057 by CommanderB
23 Sep 2022, 16:47
Once a ticket is part-flown, it usually becomes MORE flexible than before. And given reward flights are already basically fully flex, I'd expect you can do this. But I have not done it so cannot be 100% sure.

The whole part-flown thing is quite cool. All sorts of rules get thrown out of the window once you've taken the first sector. Hopefully that can help you in this case.
#966058 by ColOrd
23 Sep 2022, 17:46
I have changed the ticket from what was LHR-SFO/LAX-LHR to now LHR-JFK-LHR but the return sector is months after the outbound.

In theory thinking about it, I should be able to change the return sector in around Dec/Jan before the outbound sector, but just in case! Its the first time I've mixed/matched a return ticket with a different way of getting back and then use the return for something else.
#966115 by MoJoJo
29 Sep 2022, 07:53
Another question on changing rewards... other than calling is there another way to do this with an existing booking? Last time I changed a reward it took four hours to get through!!!
#966116 by ColOrd
29 Sep 2022, 17:51
I ended up having to ring three times, first to refund my friends reward ticket completely. Took seconds to get through.

Then to enquire about changing mine, but realised I hadn’t worked out what I wanted to do with it!

Thirdly to then actually make the amends. All three calls was through to an advisor in minutes. I was expecting to be on the phone for hours!
#966118 by mitchja
30 Sep 2022, 06:51
If you are wanting to change reward flights remember to select the Flying Club menu option (something along the lines of ‘call to discuss your Flying Club account’) when calling even when it mentions amending flights as another menu option as only Flying Club can amend or cancel reward bookings.
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