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#807785 by The Moderators
15 Apr 2012, 01:19
The Mods have noticed that in recent times some people have posted return trip reports in the same post as the outbound. While not against any forum rules, in the past we have discouraged this for a couple of reasons. First of all it means we have no ratings for the return flight. In a perfect world these two flights should have the same ratings but trip reports have shown that consistency is not always the case and that they might be two vastly different experiences. If we only have a one set of ratings we do not get a true reflection of people's experiences.

In addition some posters seek information about a specific flight and if it is tagged on to an outbound report we are unable to direct them to it in the absence of a separate title for the report. Remember your return flight may be someone's outbound and their first experience of Virgin Atlantic

We acknowledge that many return flights are overnight flights (as indeed are many outbounds) and sometimes there is little to report but any nuggets you care to share are very much welcomed

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