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#933778 by property1925
25 Mar 2017, 13:14
I was one of those who thought they had been given an extra month - and I did'nt want it as I plan my journeys in advance. This email below from FC - who had previously given me contradictory advice. (The agent was very helpful - checking with high command)

"All silver and gold members were given one additional month on the renewal period this year, due to delays caused by our system changes in November. Your tier points will be reset to zero on [your original date plus one month].
We can’t change the date on the membership end dates, so unfortunately will have to remain as [new date] for this year. However next year you will revert to the 12 month renewal period.

But for members who aren’t happy about this change, we can move some of the tier points into their next renewal period. So if you have any flights booked [in your extra month] email and we’ll manually credit any TP earned in that month so that they count towards the next renewal. However, if those Tier Points in [extra month] take you over 1500 or 2000 Tier Points and you receive the associated reward (either the lounge passes for 1500 TP or the free sector upgrade for 2000 TP), then we will not move any TP into the next membership year (because if they didn’t count in the current year, you wouldn’t get the reward).”

This not so helpful for me as they will take me over 1500 and 2000 - and I still don't want them in this year! I probably fly a different airline on two J class returns in my extra month.

Hope this helps

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