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#951438 by locutus
19 Jul 2019, 12:04
I'm currently deciding if I really can justify a reward flight on the A350 to JFK, then slumming it back on Norwegian a few days later. :cool:
#951446 by locutus
19 Jul 2019, 19:23
mikethe3rd wrote:
locutus wrote:
getinjonathan wrote:There are not avail yet....

What aren't?

Any reward avail in any cabin on the 350.

So why can I see flights on an A350 for 47.5k miles and £447?
#951448 by mitchja
19 Jul 2019, 22:46
Reward inventory is loaded now as I found reward availability in both directions in all cabins for 2 random dates I picked for November on the A351 flights.
#951461 by PeterStansfield
22 Jul 2019, 10:26
I seem to be the unlucky one!

We booked 3 UC returns back in October 2018 for Sept 2019

VS137 becomes a A350-1000 on Sept 25th
We're flying out on VS137 on Sept 26th

HOWEVER, looking at the flights that week, using dummy bookings. we see

Wed 25th - A350-1000
Thu 26th - A330-300
Fri 27th - A350-1000
Sat 28th - A350-1000
Sun 29th - A350-1000

Is this real? - do they have a day off after the first A350 flight to check whether anything's fallen off?

Or am I just unlucky!


PS - coming back we're flying out of Newark, so that's definitely a A330-300
#951462 by tontybear
22 Jul 2019, 10:43
Thursday is it's weekly routine maintenance day.

From late October it's not operating on a Tuesday. As per reports on one of the blogs.
#951551 by locutus
31 Jul 2019, 07:22
Are there any press events soon for the A350? BA seem to be trying to get some positive reviews for theirs.
#951587 by mitchja
02 Aug 2019, 00:46
flyingfox wrote:In this months Buiness Traveller magazine they are indicating that Friday 20th September is VS first A350 delivery date

Not sure where they are getting that date from as VS are showing an A351 for the VS153 from Sept 10th onwards so I would imagine delivery will actually be a few weeks before that date for crew training/ familiarisation etc.

My guess for delivery would be sometime in August?
#951588 by tontybear
02 Aug 2019, 02:45
Airlines get 30 days notice of delivery from Airbus so BA would have known at the end of June when they were getting their first one.

BA got theirs officially last Friday and flew it into LHR last weekend and will shortly start the LHR-MAD in air training flights before they start proper service to DXB around the 2nd of September (moved forward by other a month on that route).

Depends on how VS handle training crew on the new plane (safety procedures etc) and on service issues such as meal and drink service in the new suites. Perhaps land based with VS crew / staff acting as passengers?

For both BA and VS if crew have been used to delivering drinks and food in a specific way for heavens knows how long it's going to take a while getting used to a different layout and (partial) doors for example
#951601 by Turquoise
03 Aug 2019, 10:16
Ooh I am excited now! Booked flights to JFK on a Wednesday in December and so guess we will be on an A350! Without reading all through this thread, can anybody post a link which will tell me what's new on this plane, please? Thanks.
#951617 by mikethe3rd
04 Aug 2019, 09:33
Oooo, nice surprise for a Sunday morning. Our VS45 on 28/9 has changed to an A350.

Looks like there’s two a day from (at least) then.
#951619 by David
04 Aug 2019, 10:34
If you're near or can get to Edinburgh cheaply, there are some great deals EDI-LHR-JFK connecting with Flybe onto Virgin and the new A350 for around £1650 in Upper.

Very tempted


(Just did a live chat with VS and they say hand baggage allowance on one ticket will be as per Virgins allowance - have heard horror stories regarding hand baggage size with Flybe at the gate)
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