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#951811 by broono83
14 Aug 2019, 21:26

Looking for some advice. We had 2 Premium upgrade vouchers and used them to book 2 returns GLA-MCO this Sept.

We now want to change our travel plans and go to St Lucia next May instead. We could just straight move the vouchers to LGW-UVF but we'd like to go out Upper.

What I wanted to do was:

1) Book 2 single LGW-UVF Gs
2) Move 1 of the vouchers to be our return UVF-LGW
3) Move the other voucher to another GLA-MCO flight in the future (ideally I'd like it refunded tbh but was told they are non refundable)

I phoned Virgin but advisor said I couldn't break the vouchers apart. My options were:

1) Go Premium
2) Go upper out and use a reward voucher back but the other voucher is lost

I don't know whether to bother phoning back or if the above is accurate?


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