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#957270 by mitchja
24 Sep 2020, 10:26
As of this morning, if you have logged into your Flying Club account, you may notice that your Flying Club Miles balance is now your Virgin Points balance.

(the iOS app has still not been updated yet though)

Virgin Points also no longer expire as the 3 year expiry date has now been removed. All earning and spending rates remain exactly the same as before.

VS are also currently running a promo where if you book a flight between now and October 1st, you will earn double points in all cabins.

More details can be found here
#957274 by mitchja
24 Sep 2020, 14:19
I believe so, yes, I think COVID-19 delayed this somewhat though.

As per the head for points article, the next step is for other Virgin companies to start rewarding these points to customers (Virgin Media etc).

Virgin Hotels already award FC miles/points for stays, though I had to chase mine earlier this year which took over 4 months >-(

I have a Virgin Mobile SIM only plan here in my cellular iPad so with a bit of luck that may well start earning these points soon too :)
#959475 by flyingfox
08 Feb 2021, 22:09
The new Virgin Red APP is now available to download, I’ve enjoyed the Town Hall surveys over the last few months and keen to see if they continue to develop earning and spending opportunities; ... p&hl=en_GB ... 0015224118
#959476 by mitchja
08 Feb 2021, 22:41
I’ve already deleted the Virgin Red app as so far it’s pretty much a waste of space IMHO. The offers are few a far between and earnings /spending is not in place yet for most of the Virgin brands.

The app itself doesn’t display your Flying Club account properly with lots of transactions and/or dates missing.

The whole thing feels very rushed to me even though they have supposedly been working on this for over a year now.

If, like me, you generally only collect / spend miles (points) using VS, this app achieves nothing more than using the VS app.
#959480 by Rabbit
09 Feb 2021, 03:03
My virgin points activity is visible back to 2012 with the virgin red app though. I can't go back more than a year on the virgin Atlantic app/website so I'd say this is a win. Especially when voucher qualifications over a year can't be seen so I'm continually left guessing if/when I hit one. Whether the activity is accurate or not god knows, my memory is awful at the best of times!
#959586 by ColOrd
17 Feb 2021, 22:57
I have just been having a play and that feature is very handy and so much cleaner than VS's own website/app.

Also, some of the offers on Virgin Red, are they in effect just ShopsAway offers or can you double dip ShopsAway AND Virgin Red?
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