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#958833 by DIAZLUXO
11 Jan 2021, 17:30
I know full well that the A350 is the replacement of the A340s at LHR and the 747s at LGW and MAN but considering VS want to expand i think the 777x is a good option also if they want to serve high capacity routes if and when Heathrow expands. I don’t know, just a thought...
#958853 by VS075
12 Jan 2021, 10:15
I think it's highly unlikely at this stage. The 777X is a very large twinjet and there's little VS need it to do that can't be done with what they have already, notably the A350-1000's. I know BA will operate both the A350-1000 and the 777X, but their needs are different and have the size and scale to accommodate these two types.

If VS need more aircraft in the coming years, I expect they will order more of what they have already.
#958855 by CommanderB
12 Jan 2021, 10:34
I agree with VS075, I can't see it happening. The mix they have right now is a good fit for them. They have already made it clear that a simpler fleet is what they want.
#958859 by ColOrd
12 Jan 2021, 13:33
The leisure config 350s will
absorb volume for the bucket and spade MCO/BGI/MBJ routes that used to see the 747.

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