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#959796 by pmramsay
01 Mar 2021, 12:37
Hi there, its been a while since I have posted but have started building VS miles again!

I have a companion voucher from credit card spend in my account which I would like to use. I just wanted to clarify my understanding based on the newer rules.

Can I use miles for an upper class flight for myself and then use the companion voucher to reduce the second persons milage by 50%. (I am only red status) Also can this be done on a one way journey.

Example - LHR - JNB (one way) 57500 plus taxes for person 1 and 28750 plus taxes and comp voucher for person 2

Also can I use the second persons flying club account for the miles for their ticket or does it have to come out of mine?

#959847 by Q_Division
03 Mar 2021, 15:27
As I understand it, yes you can use miles for yourself and the companion + 50% miles for the other person, it does require 2 G seats to be available.

I think you can use it one-way but I have never tried and you almost certainly won't be able to use the other "half" at a later point.

Again, I've not tried but suspect you can probably use the second persons account for the miles. It tends to be sector/seat based so in your case your miles is one sector/seat and the other in another and so they can pull the miles in for that.

Someone else may have a more complete answer though.

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