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#959848 by Mikeandrach
03 Mar 2021, 15:39
Hi, I have just joined and apologies if this is the wrong section etc.

I’m a frequent flyer but never flown with virgin before. I’ve just booked flights for July and august 2022, flying out of Heathrow on flight 117 to Miami at 1010am on 22/07/22, returning on 19/08 on flight vs6 the last flight of the day for virgin from Miami back to lhr.

This question may be impossible to answer, or maybe someone on here knows , but any idea what aircraft type these are likely to be on?

We are booked in premium as a family of 4, hoping it’s a 787 on the outbound at least but would love any info, thanks a lot everyone
#959852 by PeterStansfield
03 Mar 2021, 18:11
Firstly Welcome to our site. I hope you find us a friendly bunch!

Assuming that you've joined Flying Club (and if you haven't you must - it's the way to collect points) then if you log in and look at 'my bookings' you'll be able to call up the seat map for your flights - and that shows what aircraft is currently scheduled for your flights.

But there's no guarantees! - Things change often at the moment.....

#959855 by Hev60
03 Mar 2021, 18:53
If you really mean July/August 2022 then I doubt whether your flights will appear on the ‘my booking’ page on the VS website yet as those flights won’t be sold directly by VS themselves until the autumn. No chance of knowing what aircraft it will be that far ahead and bear in mind the schedule timing might change by then also.

The good news is, the US borders might actually be open by then ;-)
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