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#960275 by David
28 Mar 2021, 12:33
Will all the new freight routes that have been keeping VS going in the last year, do you think they might keep them going when things get back to normal and add passenger traffic onto to them ?

Would be great to add some European routes

#960279 by ColOrd
28 Mar 2021, 16:06
Seoul was temporary from a Cargo perspective, but there is a longer term contract that VS are in discussions with that could be very lucrative, and if it happens and comes off would almost certainly see the route opping with Pax.

San Juan I agree could be a bolt on to other Caribbean sectors?

Harstad-Narvik could stay but would probably be slotted in as a cargo rotation between pax flights!

There is no way that MXP or BRU will convert to Pax flights, but again may slot as cargo rotations if the freight demand is there, but as recovery starts to happen there will be more cargo capacity on Pax flights restarting from those locations so VS may not be required to.

The one to watch for me - ORD - it’s a popular tourist destination and provably the most popular big city in the US VS don’t serve, DL are underserved there from a hub perspective and it’s AAs stronghold, but the Cargo traffic might just tip it?
#960284 by David
28 Mar 2021, 17:50
Are there any regulations why VS couldn’t put passengers on the current freight flights notwithstanding the current legal travel issues.

Am guessing that these flights don’t have anywhere a full crew so that must have a barring but you might think that if they were able to sell seats, they would but maybe the costs of manning check ins / gates etc out way the benefits of some passenger revenue.

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