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#960384 by EstelleB
04 Apr 2021, 18:57
I wonder if we have any experts on here who can help with some queries re. companion seats and rebookings as I am getting different information from different operatives from Virgin.

I currently have two credit card vouchers sitting on my account due to one being extended, and when I asked a while ago I was told that it was possible to use two for companion seats on one booking for 4 people.

However, when I enquired more recently (on facebook as I can't get through on the phone), the operative told me that this wasn't possible as either the seat that you are paying for/using miles for or the companion seat must be the FC account holder, so I could only use one at a time. I could however he said, use both vouchers to upgrade EC-PE as the rules are different. I've scoured the Ts & Cs and can't find anywhere where it states this rule, so I wondered if anyone out there knew what the actual terms are regarding these companion seats?

My other questions are a bit more complicated - I have flights for two booked this Summer which it is looking increasingly like we won't be able to take due to Covid. These were a rebook from an open ticket from a cancelled flight in 2020 so have already been moved once. I asked if the usual '2' moves rules would apply here and was told yes, but I am a bit nervous now that this operative didn't know what they were talking about!

Assuming that I can move these again to 'open ticket' until next Summer's flights are released, if I want to add flights for another two people, would these be added all as one booking, or would they be classed as a separate booking? The reason for asking is that if they are separate, and this companion rule applies, then I can't use a voucher for one companion seat when I add the others, but if it is all one booking, then presumably I can use one of the vouchers?

Any help/advice as usual would be appreciated as I can't get through on the phone right now and this is very confusing! Cheers
#960456 by EstelleB
08 Apr 2021, 14:26
Just in case anyone else was looking for answers, I have now had responses from two further VA operatives via Whatsapp who agreed with each other so I'm going with what they said!

Can you use two companion vouchers in one booking for four people - yes, the companion seat doesn't need to be associated only with the FC holder so you can buy/redeem points for two seats and get two as companions.

If I need to re-book a current booking (for two people) and add two more people, can I use the vouchers - yes - so long as there is availability you can basically just pay taxes and no points to add two more people using the vouchers!

Just now need to decide what we're doing!

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