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#960405 by ian448
05 Apr 2021, 10:37
Hopefully the above will be open again when we fly to BGI in June, the wife and I are travelling upper with my 2 daughters and 11 yr old grandaughter in economy. Are we able to use the upper class wing check in / clubhouse and bring the others along as guests ?
#960408 by ColOrd
05 Apr 2021, 11:40
We can all hope that Terminal 3 is fully back open by then, I suspect it will be as LHR will not cope with traffic in just T2 and T5.

I’m assuming no status, you can each guest in one person, so you may have to pay for one of them if you’re taking 3 guests in.

They may overlook this dependant on how busy the CH is!
#960414 by tontybear
05 Apr 2021, 14:03
If T3 is open there won't be a problem with you all using the UC desks and private security

The issue will be is if they will allow the extra guest in to the CH without payment.

11 is a tad too old to get in under the baby exemption!

Best decide which daughter you love most to guest in and which to leave ourside just in case. Might make for an interesting holiday!
#960415 by ColOrd
05 Apr 2021, 14:28
I suspect it won't be a problem as I doubt that there will be anything like a full VS&DL flying programme from LHR, which will mean that the CH may have some quiet times, if, my suppositions and hopes around T3 reopening are true.

If we are still banished to Terminal 2, the issue goes away as you can just buy in as many as you need at the Plaza Premium Lounge.
#960416 by ColOrd
05 Apr 2021, 14:40
The Heathrow Terminal finder tool has now been updated and is showing flights opping from T3 in pax service now from the 10th May so pushed back by 2 weeks from the original date it was showing of the 26th April.
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