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#960503 by RyanJW
25 Nov 2022, 02:18
Hi fellow v-flyers!

Just wanted to wave and reminisce about how the clubhouses have changed throughout the years and ask if anyone remembers or knows the recipe to the speciality SFO cocktail which I think was called the a Virgin Kiss?

I think a pink coloured lemon drop but I’ve search my photos but no menu showing the ingredients! I know I’ve got a pic of it somewhere!

Anyway. Safe travels to everyone! Happy Turkey Day!
#960676 by pants
06 Jan 2023, 09:29
I do remember the virgin kiss, it was created by the then sodexo mixologist Justin. If I recall correctly it was
1 oz Bacardi lemon
1oz absolute mandarin
.5oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup
.25oz cranberry juice
served up with a sugar rim.

enjoy... :cool:

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