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#961141 by NorthernLad
24 Jun 2021, 15:28
Trying to stay in a positive frame of mind we have a late September booking for Florida.

In the past we have always used Avis or Alamo booked through their UK sites, but with the Pandemic all the companies are said to have sold off 70% of their fleets last year and all now have major price increases.

Have any of you frequent travellers had good experience booking Florida car hire in the past and can offer a recommendation?
#961142 by TimCrawley
24 Jun 2021, 15:54
An ex-colleague recently booked Florida car hire for October and found the best rates (by more than £50 a week the cheapest they found) with Sixt, so they are worth a look.

Personally, when I book car hire I login to (login to see their very best rates but can view close to best without logging in). I then login in separately to the individual company websites (if I already have a loyalty account with them) to see if any better member rates available. One advantage I find with Autoeurope is their standard free cancellation up to 48h before collection....which means I can safely book immediately alongside flight bookings and if there are later promotions or sales on car rentals I can cancel & rebook (via the modify booking option) with same or different car rental company in one transaction within Autoeurope and get any resulting saving reimbursed to my credit card in that one transaction (maybe other folks have similar experiences on other 'search' sites they could recommend for you?). By the way, I have no personal connection to Autoeurope - just used them for most of my bookings since 2008 & been very pleased!

Good hunting ….
#961144 by David
24 Jun 2021, 16:26
I use Hertz through Amex Plat (covers the extra insurance) and usually book a week or 2 before - normally pay around £300 for 2 ish weeks but just did a dummy booking and the prices are horrendous.

Hopefully things calm down once everyone starts travelling again

#961145 by Bluebear
24 Jun 2021, 16:48
Have used National and found them to be very good. We especially like being able to go along the line and choose a car although don't know if they are still doing that.
#961149 by Kraken
24 Jun 2021, 20:23
If you are a Costco member, try Costco Travel. I've found their car hire rates to be the best in the past. You'll invariably end up with a Hertz reservation, but at a price that can't be beaten. Free cancellation up to 48hrs before collection.

I had planned to go to France in early July & had a car booked through Costco. One phone call to cancel & the refund was on my credit card within 3 days.
#961153 by flyingfox
24 Jun 2021, 22:02
I’ve been using silvercar and never had a problem with inventory ( stories of no cars available even though have confirmed bookings on arrival ), they only deliver ( hotels or villas or can pick up from the dealership) no up selling on arrival and if you have Amex Plat then you don’t need their insurance.
#961154 by tontybear
24 Jun 2021, 23:33
One tip I read elsewhere is that there may be more availability and cheaper rates for city rather than airport locations.
#961156 by G-VROY
25 Jun 2021, 09:44
AlecK wrote:Try calling Andy at Discount Florida Car Hire, the Dibbers swear by him. They have access to special offline prices for Florida.

Another vote for Andy, but you must contact him direct rather than pricing on the site. Excellent flexibility and the best prices by a mile.
#961157 by Q_Division
25 Jun 2021, 10:01
Another for Andy and like G-VROY says, email him.

We were in a similar position, emailled him got a reasonable quote and booked it.
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