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#961435 by moodyblue
24 Jul 2021, 07:21
We now know that LHR is going the way of many other UK airports and will be charging £5 per drop off. Does anyone know if that charge will also apply to anyone using the VS DTCI? I assume it might but hope it does not apply.
#961439 by Kraken
24 Jul 2021, 09:33
You can only hope that Virgin will get an exemption from Heathrow - especially for passengers on full-fare J tickets. You can hardly charge someone circa £7k for a full-fare J ticket then expect them to fork out a fiver to be dropped off at DTCI - especially if they're in a chauffeur car arranged by VS as part of the ticket. Virgin must be paying HAL an awful lot for the private Upper Class wing in the first place.

It would not surprise me if Heathrow make the exit barriers for drop-off accept major fuel cards in addition to credit/debit cards. This is pretty common where tolls / parking charges are concerned & I'd put money on each Tristar (if it's them Virgin still use) car having it's own fuel card allocated.

I disagree with drop-off charges at airports - it's not as though they don't mug you for enough cash once airside where all the prices are inflated for food & drink. I was dropped off at Lyon airport a couple of years ago - Parking Minute - free drop-off, literally 10 metres from the terminal entrance.
#961440 by tontybear
24 Jul 2021, 10:57
It would depend on what route they use to arrive and exit the DTCI wing and then the airport.

The charges will apply if you enter the drop off area in front of the terminals. If there is a way in / out that avoids going through the forecourt then no fee will apply.

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