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#960712 by borolap
17 Jan 2023, 19:29
I am looking at reward seat availability for 2PAX (points + Companion Voucher) LHR - BGI and have found some for the outbound leg and thought I had found the inbound on Seat Spy. I phoned the FC and went through the booking process only to be told there was only 1 reward seat available for the inbound leg.

After accepting this and assuming Seat Spy hadn't updated correctly I thought I'd check through the VA website and that allowed me to do a dummy booking using points for 2 adults, so now I am confused.

Do FC sometimes get it wrong and should I phone them back and explain that the website is showing reward availability for 2 seats or I am missing something and being too simplistic. This could easily be the case as I have never booked reward seats before so I am not sure how they work.
#960713 by Nottingham Nick
17 Jan 2023, 19:39
I would definitely ring back - simple facts of life 1. Everyone makes mistakes 2. Some agents are better than others.
If you explain what you have said here - that there are two reward seats available, then any agent worth their salt, should either sort it for you, or explain the anomaly. Either of those is better than the situation you are in at the moment.

#960720 by EstelleB
18 Jan 2023, 17:33
It won't be you, I've had VA reps who have literally known nothing about how the system works and one who made such as mess of my booking that we nearly turned up at the airport without our booking being ticketed!

Always pays to call back and speak with someone else if something seems off!
#960731 by Backs999
22 Jan 2023, 23:33
We just booked some flights last night. The first put the phone down when I explained and the 2nd tried to change extra points. My wife says. I should work there as they did realise their mistake before the call ended.
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