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#961952 by jwhite9185
11 Sep 2021, 11:38
A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip in Upper Class from Heathrow to Barbados. As per usual, I will update my site with the details of it all. First up will be the introduction to the trip and what I thought of The Clubhouse. ... -heathrow/

I'll edit this post/thread accordingly when the subsequent posts/videos are uploaded. Hopefully it will be ok in this section as opposed to the trip report section.
#961958 by Lindsk
12 Sep 2021, 00:01
Thanks for this review of the Clubhouse. It was lovely to see the photos and the view from the terrace. Brings back such happy memories.
Looking forward to the next part of your review.
#961959 by Murraymint
12 Sep 2021, 08:10
Great review and pictures- thank you. Can’t wait until my next UC trip from LHR in Feb 22 (positive thinking ;-) ). Should have been there this week for my trip to Boston to see our son for the first time in 2 years but still can’t do that under the UK/Schengen restrictions. However, living in Cyprus (non Schengen) means that we are still able to enter the US, so after a bit of jiggling with schedules we can go via DOH with Qatar :-D
#961986 by mitchja
18 Sep 2021, 17:15
Thanks for this, very useful as I’m heading to BGI a week on Monday, albeit from MAN though. All tests booked here including the arrival one at The Crane, which is actually where I’m staying anyway and my room rate includes 2 on-site tests. Also booked fast-track arrival using Platinum Services.

19 months since I last stepped foot on board an aircraft and 24 years since I last visited Barbados :-O

I’ll will put together a TR at some point including the new MAN terminal & lounge experience.
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