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#962026 by itsrachelhere
21 Sep 2021, 12:38
Hi there,

I have booked a flight using miles (or I understand it's now Virgin points?!) from London to Seattle for August next year. The only options available to me at time of booking were either Economy Classic or Premium. Ideally I would like to go Economy Delight for that extra bit of legroom, but it's all greyed out on the seat map. Any thoughts on whether they might be available later, or is it not an option to upgrade if you have booked using points? I can't believe they are all sold this far in advance!

I will also be booking a return leg from LAX to Heathrow over the next few days. Looking at what's available for flights the week before, the only options are to book Classic, Premium or Upper. I only really have enough points for Classic and it doesn't look like the Premium is that great on the A350-1000 to bother paying for extra points. Any thoughts on whether if I phone up the call centre they will have the option of booking Economy Delight? (I would call them now to ask their advice, but I know the lines are crazy right now after the announcement yesterday).

Thanks in advance!
#962027 by ColOrd
21 Sep 2021, 12:47
Im afraid that redemptions in the Economy cabin are only for Economy Standard you cannot redeem for Light or Delight.
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