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#962077 by EstelleB
26 Sep 2021, 13:58
Given that the lines of communication with VA are so jammed at the moment, I'm hoping that someone here may be able to answer my questions!

I have return flights booked for next August MAN-ATL, secured recently as reward seats in PE. Ideally we wanted the return to be MBJ-LHR but they haven't been releasing seats so I decided to book the ATL route as a safety net with the view to changing to MBJ-ATL if they release any PE seats in the coming weeks.

What I can't work out firstly is if we would be charged for changes - if I click to make changes as a test it says we won't, but refers you to the 'flexible no change fee' policy which only discusses flights departing up to the end of April - so my first question is whether anyone has any info relating to flights booked for dates beyond this?

Then we have an added complication that two of our party are on a new booking, but me and my daughter are on a re-booked voucher which in theory has been changed now several times!

Can anyone help with this? Thanks

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