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#962269 by mandeeuk
08 Oct 2021, 00:30
Posting new topic as sally sad sack here was ignored yesterday. ;-)

Our vs8 was pushed back a couple of hours giving us just over 2 hours at LHR to navigate immigration and baggage claim and get to terminal 5 for our flight to Glasgow on BA. thoughts?

Should we hire a meet and assist service to get us through more quickly. Has anyone used one at lhr? Quotes are about 385gbp but they can’t guarantee fast track so not looking to pay for a friend to walk me through Heathrow express.

Does UC hand out fast passes before landing still?
#962270 by mitchja
08 Oct 2021, 01:36
I personally wouldn’t waste your money as I can’t imagine they would be able to get you through immigration any quicker? That’s is going to be the bottleneck for your transfer.

Fast track arrival immigration at LHR is only available for none-U.K. passport holders unfortunately.

All U.K. passport holders use the e-gates, which can be very hit and miss even at the best of times.

Luggage collection times at T3 can often be slow as well often with no sign of any sort of priority.

Is there any possibility at all that you can change your BA flight to a later one (if there’s one available)?
#962271 by mandeeuk
08 Oct 2021, 01:49
Thank you for the reply! I’m dual citizen so I could go in on my US passport to use fast track, I suppose. Although, I’ve been told before not to do that I think. Does anyone know if that’s problematic?

The next BA flight is 3 hrs later and I don’t really fancy 5 hours at LHR (unless I miss my flight). I suppose I should look at seat load to see if I’d be able to get a seat if I missed or should just change now.
#962272 by ColOrd
08 Oct 2021, 07:24
I think it’s one of those you’re dammed if you do dammed if you don’t.

If you don’t change it something will happen and you’ll miss it and you will wish you had changed if!

if you do change it it will go smoothly and you’ll be sat there bored wishing you had changed it!

Can you get a cheap Club Europe ticket, or do you have BA Lounge access as that would make the wait much more pleasurable!
#962275 by David
08 Oct 2021, 08:06
Having done this a few times but to EDI, I would go for the later flight.

A delay in leaving the US could cause issues, although granted, most inbounds arrive earlyish.

Depending on how soon your flights are, there may still be long queues to get into the country re all the health checks etc. and there's nothing worse shuffling along in a queue at snails pace looking at the clock ticking down.

You've to change terminals and it will be sods law that as you arrive at the station, a train will be leaving but flying up in club europe gives you the lounge in T5 and showers / breakfast which will help fill up any waiting time till the later flight.

#962281 by tontybear
08 Oct 2021, 20:15
If this is all on one ticket then you can use the purple flight connections route and clear immigration as part of that and your bags willbe interlined onto the BA flight. In which case 2 hours is more than enough and if your VS flight is delayed they will rebook you onto the later BA one.

BUT if these are two separate tickets then your bags won't be interlined and you'll have to clear the UK border at T3, collect your bags and then get yourself to T5 to check in for your BA flights.

In that case you don't have 2 hours you have 1 hr 15 mins from scheduled landing to allow for the BA bag drop closure time. Cabin and / or status can't change that.
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