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#962502 by EstelleB
27 Oct 2021, 18:02
Does anyone know how I get the 'activity' view for FC to work properly when I view it online? When I look at the app it shows everything, but so often online activity is missing - so the total points changes with no corresponding activity to explain the change.

Obviously I can just use the app but I am old fashioned and like to look at it on my laptop!
#962503 by ColOrd
27 Oct 2021, 18:04
It’s a joke! The best way of viewing everything correctly is actually the VirginRed App
#962504 by mitchja
27 Oct 2021, 18:50
The Virgin Red app doesn't work properly for many people either; myself included! I can't see any transactions in my Virgin Red account. I never have been able to. Virgin Red transactions also don't show in my Flying Club account (I can see all other transaction types via my Flying Club account), though the points balance does increase correctly on both sides.

There is also a long lag between the VS app and the online account showing new transactions. I can't remember which shows first but one always does show transactions before the other one.

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