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#962688 by ColOrd
09 Nov 2021, 12:23
All positive really: ... b-changes/

Reduction in TPs needed
300 for Silver
800 for Gold

New TPs on VH bookings too!
#962689 by mitchja
09 Nov 2021, 13:09
Good news :cool:

Earn / keep AU for just 2 x return Upper Class I fares a year now!

You can often get return I fares for only just a few hundred quid more than Z fares.

In that article, it also mentions VS are running a special offer starting today until the end of March 2022:

Earn 20,000 bonus Virgin Points

Finally, Virgin Atlantic is offering a special bonus to all Flying Club members.

If you take two return flights in either Premium or Upper Class between 9th November and 31st March 2022, you will receive 20,000 bonus Virgin Points.

Here are the relevant parts of the small print with some comments:

“Applicable for bookings made through, or via our contact centre” (not sure about this, I doubt they are blocking bookings made by corporate travel agents)

“Qualifying flights can be any combination of Upper or Premium flights. Qualifying booking classes are: Upper (J, C, D, I, Z) and Premium (W, S, H, K). Multiple sectors flown on a single ticket do not qualify for the bonus, eg TLV-LHR-JFK, JFK-LHR-TLV will count as one round trip.” (quite impressed Virgin thought of this loophole!)

“All Virgin Atlantic routes are eligible. Flights must be both operated by Virgin Atlantic and marketed by Virgin Atlantic (flight number starts with VS) to be applicable for the bonus. Codeshare flights are excluded from this offer.” (good to have this clarification because the press release I received tied it in to the US reopening, but it actually applies to all routes)

#962694 by ColOrd
09 Nov 2021, 18:43
Could always phone up and re-book it under a new reference number if the base fares you're after are still available!

I am confused as to the article, that the lower tier points thresholds come in in April. I am currently on 600 and have return in Z class to LA for Xmas, if the changes are immediate I am straight back to Gold, if not I'm gonna need another return somewhere before April.

I must say, this feels like a good day to be a VS customer generally, the changes feel positive. They definitely feel geared to push and promote booking directly through VH (an aside are they still re-branding as Virgin Atlantic Holidays? That has gone quiet) and I think this will be the start of a number of loyalty schemes which become maybe only for the next few years to be a little more rewarding to draw people back into travelling.
#962701 by matt.hibb
10 Nov 2021, 10:38
ColOrd wrote:Could always phone up and re-book it under a new reference number if the base fares you're after are still available!

Is that possible without forfeiting my deposit?
#962705 by ColOrd
10 Nov 2021, 14:20
I believe so!
#962734 by Murraymint
11 Nov 2021, 23:10
Just had the email to say my household account has been created (myself and my wife are silver). Just filled the form in yesterday so quite impressed. In my account should I be seeing a total for myself and the household? Only seeing my total at the moment.
#962741 by matt.hibb
12 Nov 2021, 13:20
matt.hibb wrote:
ColOrd wrote:Could always phone up and re-book it under a new reference number if the base fares you're after are still available!

Is that possible without forfeiting my deposit?

Well here's a little nugget that nobody has mentioned yet.

I called up to try and re-book. The agent said it was possible, given the current changes/cancellation policy. However they stated that I would NOT receive 10% off the new booking as an AU Flying Club member. I thought they might be being a sneaky in trying to get me to stay put with the existing booking. So I hung up, checked the VS website and low and behold, the 10% VH discount is no longer listed as a benefit as an AU member. I also clicked the links in the extra benefits email and read it thoroughly this time. It does mention the discount is no more as of Nov 9th.

The 10% discount was actually 1 of the main benefits of AU to me. I already collect more than enough miles and tier points via regular flying and the credit card.
#963034 by flyingfox
06 Dec 2021, 23:55
I just noticed that VS have updated a new benefit for AU members and wondered if anyone has taken up this offer? The FoundersCard appears to provide substantial status with other partners like hotels, airlines etc and might be worth applying for the free 6 month access. link here

As a Gold member you are now also eligible for 6 months free membership with our partner; FoundersCard.
FoundersCard members enjoy access to over 500 premier Business, Travel, and Lifestyle brands. You can preview the benefits of Membership here, or you can get started right away by submitting your application and activating this offer today!

link to founders club card preview benefits.
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