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#962993 by Seyre1972
04 Dec 2021, 12:57
Hello from the Clubhouse !!

Flying to Boston on VS11 - got here a bit bit early just in-case any issues (uploaded everything to Verifly) but got no confirmation etc.

Checkin painless. Security a mare - 2 families in front had to have all their bags checked (what part of liquids did they not understand ….). meaning it took 20+ mins to get through security. = Less time in the Clubhouse …… :D

I promise to do a trip report this time - as owe everybody whom has gone before and taken the time to write up.

Just to say - it’s lovely to be back - staff are on-form, engaging and just superb. If anything - being a bit too solicitous - as now on my 3rd Redhead.
#963006 by ColOrd
04 Dec 2021, 23:37
Enjoy look forward to the TR!!

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