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#965238 by mitchja
06 Jul 2022, 07:20
Another month and another incorrect earnings for VS spend on my VS Reward+ card.

No x3 earnings on a VS reward flight I booked and paid for using this card.

I should have earned 2531.24 points this month but I’ve only been given 1101.78

I’m going to raise it again with them but as per last time I expect a run around again.
#965255 by vic110
06 Jul 2022, 19:55
I paid for some flights on my virgin Atlantic card in May and didn't get the correct miles on my statement for that month. I was going to ring up to sort it but I never got round to it but they were added on the next month without me chasing it up. I wonder if it takes longer to add the extra miles for some reason.
#965262 by Katcool
07 Jul 2022, 20:46
I've had this too. I didn't get the additional points for purchases paid through Virgin Atlantic. I rang them but nothing happened therefore had to ring again. The second colleague I spoke to actually rang back to confirm that the points would be added on my next statement. It's just come through with the correct points.
#965297 by AlphaEcho
11 Jul 2022, 16:36
Had the same thing this month too, according to my calculations 4,310 points short. I did purchase some reward flights earlier last month for £1,995.12 so cant quite work out what possible multiplier they have used there to end up with the shortage of points I have got, should have been 3x. Will see what happens next month before I start chasing.

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