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#961537 by Fuzzy14
01 Aug 2021, 22:50
Despite 3 cancelled holidays in 2020/21, I'm going to be positive and looking at booking up for next year.
And, surprisingly, flight prices aren't as crazy as I expected. They're actually quite normal for school holidays.
But what's going on with car hire? Usually get a group W car (SUV, like Hyundia Santa Fe) for around £800, coming out £1500+
Tried a variety of sources like Virgin Holidays, BA, Netflights. All way more than usual.
Is this just a covid thing or is there some other reason?
#961538 by ScoobySu
01 Aug 2021, 23:10
Fuzzy14 wrote:All way more than usual. Is this just a covid thing or is there some other reason?

I saw this when I made a booking in May for September. We booked an Intermediate SUV for £ 220 for 5 days, three weeks later it was £ 449.

I believe it's a knock on from Covid unfortunately - a lot of the hire car firms - particularly in the USA - had to sell off their fleets in 2020 to stay afloat, and haven't been able to restock quickly enough to meet the burgeoning demand. There are reports on FT of high mileage low specification models only being available too :-( Hopefully prices will return to "normal" from 2022 but time will tell ....
#961552 by Hev60
02 Aug 2021, 23:06
Having read your post, I did some research on Netflights.

In March 2020 we had booked an SUV with them for MCO pickup for 2weeks and it was £274 (we actually only used 6days before having to return home).
I’ve just done a dummy booking for March 2022 … omg an eye watering £1044. However this was actually cheaper than a basic economy car with Dollar or Alamo which was around £1265 for 2weeks.

Scoobysu is right that the major car hire firms across the whole US off loaded their fleet in 2020 and then didn’t renew the 2021 lease contracts. Then when people started to move around again, there were no cars to meet demand.

Hopefully it will get sorted but they are not going to increase their fleets just yet due to the uncertainty of tourist travel. I just hope it won’t be one of those many scenarios where once a price increases, it never goes back down to ‘normal’ . Paying that kind of money for car hire is something we have never considered and it will significantly impact on a family holiday to the US in the future.
#961923 by cjrp
06 Sep 2021, 10:11
I've had good results using Autoslash (and then booking on Priceline). For example a 4-day full size rental at JFK was £550+ everywhere I looked, but Autoslash/Priceline got it for £275. However I've just been stung for £150 because I had to call Avis when the car battery died repeatedly (probably because the car's been sat around for 2+ years!), and they charged me for the mechanic callout/car swap >-(
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