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#965073 by Treelo
15 Jun 2022, 16:38
I'm trying to book my next flights on VA and I'm being thrown out of the system when I get to the payments page and get a message saying my credit card isn't accepted. Checked with my provider (Tesco Bank) and was told this is because VA appear not to have installed a 'new, strong, system'. Any ideas guys?
#965075 by OCdreamin
15 Jun 2022, 17:06
Can’t offer a sure solution apart from persistence. I haven’t experienced this with air tickets, but both my wife and I had similar problems buying expensive eBikes. Talked at length with our card providers. In short, some companies have not upgraded their systems to ensure that the person ordering is the actual cardholder. You might succeed by trying a different card, or waiting 24 hours. Good luck.
#965076 by mitchja
15 Jun 2022, 17:15
I'm pretty sure I remember seeing this on the VS website last time I booked using my VS M/Card so I think they have updated their systems.

It's very common issue at the minute though with a lot of retailers. I've had issues trying to pay some retailers using AmEx. Had another issue with Virgin Wines using my VS MasterCard last week. First time it failed second time it went though even though it authorised the amount twice. Ended up 3 transactions, one of which was a credit so canceled out the extra transaction.

It's not just down to if the retailers has upgraded their systems or not as I've had issues with some where I know they have updated their systems. Failed 3 or 4 times then works a few hours later!

It's another one of those 'works well on paper' ideas but in real life it's a completely different experience!
#965077 by Treelo
15 Jun 2022, 18:17
Thanks for the replies guys. Lo and behold, a couple of hours later, it's all booked! Thanks again.

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