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#950081 by ColOrd
22 Apr 2019, 14:04
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I had an amazing two days in New York, on the Friday I headed out to Washington Square Park, somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while and not had the chance. Spent a lovely couple of hours there people watching and then headed for a longer walk around Greenwich Village, including taking in the Friends Appartment and a lovely little place for brunch.

Off to the Stonewall Inn and met up with one of the regulars I had bumped into in a nearby Drag Bar a few weeks earlier, and then spent the rest of the evening with him and one of his friends including ending up on stage with my very own rendition of my karaoke song - Midnight Train to Georgia!

Back to the hotel, for a spot of late night pizza from a place just around the corner from the WTC. Saturday was a wash out rain wise, so went for a session in the pool at the hotel and caught up on some reading with the amazing views afforded from my room.

I took the E train to JFK with the change to the AirTrain. First time I have ever used public transport to or from JFK and it wasn't bad, but I literally had a rucksack for this weekend, I didn't even take a rollaway. Lifts and Escalators at Septula BVD station was out so I was glad I wasn't with luggage. Its cheap to do at $7.75 in total, but far from a quick journey, but then a taxi normally is best part of an hour.

The VS138 had been cancelled and I spotted an opportunity here...I made myself available for them to bump me off the 10 and I would wait till tomorrow happily taking the miles Compo...however they apparently managed to move over 200 pax from a full 346 without needing the offer! I did ask about upgrades to my existing flight and they said it was totally full and there was nothing available. I must state that JFK check in staff are just rude. I am far from impressed with them. Its my third trip through JFK in the last few months and it is consistent.

On to the Clubhouse and thankfully the staff in there are amazing, one of my favourite clubhouses for the amazing views of the apron and runways. Had a quick treatment, catch up with a few of the staff I know in there and was soon off to board G-VINE.

2 minutes to go till boarding commenced and I checked on EF and there was still open seats in Upper.

Boarding pass scanned and low and behold....nothing....

This was going to be my first flight in Premium after all.

Walked down the jet bridge to pick up my Duty Free and the Gate Agent came running after me, "Sorry Mr Ord there has been a seat are now in seat 7K if you let the crew know when you board I will bring your new Boarding Pass down" Not today Premium...

Now, what then happened was a family had been split up and were in 8A, G and K. I quickly noted the mum and dad being quite panicked that there little daughter was going to be on her own whichever seat she had as there is a misalignment between G and K numbering. I kindly offered to move to 8A and let the guy (who was pretty fit to be honest!) take 7K so he could sit next to his daughter.

FSM came around and introduced himself to his Gold members....which was only me. He said I was the only Gold on the flight.

Only a 15 minute taxi at JFK tonight which is very good by JFK standards. Straight up and quite a few people bedded straight down as normal for a JFK. Only 3 people eating on the A side and half a dozen on the K so pretty much everyone was offered double helpings of everything.

I had the Thai Sweet Potato curry that was a staple of outbound menus for so long, but has had a few tweaks and is now served with bigger bits of sweet potato and peas...was very nice.

Took a cheese plate to the bar for a night cap and gossip with the crew before settling down with a cuppa tea and a few episodes of Frasier.

Breakky was served about 90 minutes out of Heathrow. I had the eggs florentine which is genuinely one of the nicest breakfasts I have had on a plane.

Landed and on to remote stand 357 at LHR as we were nearly an hour early. One of the crew was from up north and we had arranged to meet at Kings Cross so I skipped revivals and straight onto Heathrow Express and met back up and got the crew member upgraded on LNER for her whole trip whilst I popped off at Peterborough. (VS upgrade unto me and I shall upgrade unto VS).

Overall another fantastic flight, with a great crew. Sorry premium but you have to wait another day to get me!
#950082 by ColOrd
22 Apr 2019, 14:14
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#950083 by ColOrd
22 Apr 2019, 14:15
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#950086 by buns
22 Apr 2019, 17:07
Thanks for the TR - and the super snaps :)

I am not sure if it is worth asking you this weeks lottery numbers as you must have used up all your luck getting that op up :-D :-D That must have been a fantastic end to a fantastic weekend.

Good show on the FSM greeting Au's, but will note what you say about JFK Ground staff.

Thanks once again

#950141 by VS075
25 Apr 2019, 08:42
Thanks for both TR's.

Looks like you got lucky with the upgrades to Upper, though I agree about the JFK check-in staff as I didn't appreciate the humorous comment about being well early when we checked in back in November. I could be tempted to try public transport from Manhattan to JFK in the future instead of a taxi as the two times I've done that journey it's always taken us approx. 90 minutes due to traffic (oddly enough it's been about half that going the other way), though we did have suitcases and it was an unknown how easy it would be or how many stairs we'd be hauling them up/down.

If you try and do PE again, I suggest doing it on anything other than the A350's whilst you can. I'm still convinced the reduction in width of the PE seat from 21" to 18.5" is a big step backwards and isn't much wider than some other airline's Economy seats. For example, Thomas Cook's Economy seats on the A330 are only slightly narrower at 18.2" wide.
#950149 by pjh
26 Apr 2019, 09:28
A great pair of TRs. Am I envious? Too bl**dy right I am :). Seize the day, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

I’ve always harboured the fantasy of being on the M25 heading somewhere and then thinking “sod this, let’s go to Heathrow, buy an insanely expensive ticket and a toothbrush”.

I have a personal rule that says never, ever attempt to joke with anyone in the US who wears a uniform of any sort. I know there are exceptions, but generally the default position seems to be that you are a unit to be processed as quickly as possible. Unless you are in a queue for an immigration officer, in which case just drop the “as quickly as possible”.
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