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#950219 by walesflyer
29 Apr 2019, 16:14
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A bit late and quite a brief one, but here's my TR from my most recent VS flight. We were on one of the very last flights from LHR to Dubai. A one way flight for us as we were cruising back to Southampton from Dubai.

As usual we got the train up from South Wales, a quick hop on the heathrow express to T3. I never fail to get a massive grin on my face when I walk in to the VS check-in area in advance of a UC flight :-) .

It didn't seem that busy but there seemed to be issues with the two lots of PAX in front of us, so we did actually seem to wait for quite a while. Boarding passes in hand, we headed straight thought the magic door, then whizzed through security as we were the only ones there. A very quick detour for some new aftershave for hubby, then up the stairs to what is officially known as my 'happy place'. This was about 4pm and the clubhouse was pretty quiet. We followed our usual routine which was to head straight to the spa to book treatments, and then found a quiet corner to sit and order our first drink. This trip was part of my 40th birthday celebrations, work had been manic as ever leading up to it, so I was more than ready to unwind at this point. We had a couple of cocktails and ordered some light bites. I have to say there was a lovely, chilled out ambience in the clubhouse.... it had been a beautiful sunny day and the sun was setting outside, some mellow tunes playing.... and I was just so chilled out and happy.

We had another couple of drinks after our treatment, then headed to the restaurant. I actually think the light bite menu is more appealing than the main menu, so I ordered a selection of things, supplemented by salads and breads from the deli, all washed down with some lovely wine. Service throughout our whole time in the clubhouse was exemplary. There was some kind of gin promotion going on, and a special cocktail menu, so of course it would have been rude not to sample one.
I can never have too much time in the clubhouse, I find it just flies by anyway, and it is one place I really feel I relax.

We followed the first call for boarding and headed down to the gate. Straight on and in to our seats in 1 and 2A - our favorites. I was relieved we were in these as the plane had been changed 2-3 times in the weeks before, and each time VS allocated us in random seats on either side of the plane, so I had to keep checking all the time!

I think I recall there being only 150 pax on board, and there quite a few empty seats in UC.

Our plan had been to eat in the clubhouse, in order to maximise sleeping time on the relatively short night flight. So other than the welcome glass of champagne when we boarded, we skipped dinner and just ordered breakfast. My bed was made up for me while I nipped to the loo to change in to my pyjamas, and I managed a pretty decent sleep - although as usual I woke up due it to be stiflingly hot in the cabin. I got some iced water and managed to go back to sleep. I was awoken by the sound of breakfast being served, so decided to get up and dressed. A bowl of rice crispies and a croissant and cup of tea (I love the tea on VS flights!) was fine as I never feel like anything cooked.

All in all a great flight, great service both in the clubhouse and on board. Feeling a bit sad as have no more long haul holidays booked as yet that would involve flying UC... although I am sure that will be rectified soon.... and in the meantime i'll keep saving the miles for next time.
#950229 by buns
30 Apr 2019, 04:54
Thanks for the evocative TR. Mrs Buns and I spent many a happy late afternoon n the Clubhouse awaiting that Dubai flight :-D :-D It is a completely different place than the madhouse in the morning!!

We too are sorry to see the loss of the Dubai flight, but I suppose the econmics of Dubai must be pointing to something

Thanks once again


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