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#954379 by EmmaPeel007
19 Feb 2020, 17:03
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Our 10 day holiday to visit family and friends sadly came to an end. We got up early to take the tube to Heathrow since we were all the way out in Stepney. As it was a Sunday morning the route we originally planned was impacted so we wound up taking the train from Paddington. Pro-tip: Don't bother with the Heathrow Express, just take the regular train to Heathrow - it's half the cost and there are really only 4 stops before you get to Terminal 2/3.

Even with our delays thecheck-in was quick. There were just a few people in line but still they shuttled us over to the Upper Class check in to keep us from waiting. If only that meant we could continue to turn left *sigh* Went through security, was stopped briefly, but even the Security Agent was in good spirits and I got through fairly painlessly.

Boarding was on time, and as one of the perks of Premium Economy we get priority boarding we were settled into our seats quickly and with no issues. I also appreciate that we can easily access our bag in our overhead bin right above us instead of crossing our fingers and hoping here will be space nearby.

Once again, bubbly was quickly offered and happily accepted soon after seating.

I'll admit I was somewhat dreading this flight. The daytime flight from London to LA just seems 10 times longer than the evening flight, and it's hard for me to to rest. In this instance, my trepidation was unwarranted. Between the spacing of the meals and treats and drinks to the offerings on the entertainment unit, I didn't feel that same mid-flight dread that I've felt on occasion.

And while the cabin crew have always been excellent, there is one way where they went above and beyond for us on this flight. As a vegetarian, I tried to pre-select the meal to whatever the vegetarian offer on the flight would be because it's better than the standard "vegetarian" meals you would select under dietary requirements, but I was informed by Customer Service that it wasn't available on our flight. I still got my husband the vegan meal under the dietary requirements and I crossed my fingers and hoped I would get my choice, but knew if I didn't then it was my own damn fault. When they got to our row for meal selection, since we were the last row they had run out of the vegetarian meals - a cottage pie. The funny thing is that my husband got it in his vegan meal. Oh well it's okay, it's my own faut I told them - the salad, bread roll, cheese and crackers, and pudding were fine for me but they wouldn't have it and got me a vegetarian meal from Economy which was really kind. It was a curry and biryani dish that was nice. And then soon after that they brought me the vegetarian entree from Upper Class - a roasted vegetable and cous cous dish. We were spoiled for choice! So much so that I traded my husband his cottage pie for the cous cous dish which he proclaimed as excellent.

The only ding I'd give the trip would be the games offered through the entertaiment unit. I figured I'd try to pass some time playing the games offered. I'm a gamer. My husband is a gamer. They provide a controller with some standard game controlls, yet they expect you to only use the touch screen on the back of the seat to play games? Attempting to play to games was akward and uncomfortable. The set-up makes absolutely no sense to me.

Other that than, everything else about the flight was aces. No turbulence, no delays, great cabin crew. If our daughter manages to study abroad again next year, we'd definitely see how we can once again book Premium Economy seats to visit. It really was worth it.

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