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10 Nov 2022, 17:05
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Well, for those of you who were following my pre trip reports of our journey to Orlando (reported here just before the Great server Crash of 2022) you will recall that Mrs Buns and I were having a splendid time in the Heathrow Clubhouse – assisted by the fact that some servers we knew from Gatwick had transferred across!

Anyways, back to the TR proper. This trip was originally a 2-4-1 booked to Hong Kong in those heady days before the pandemic. As we now all know, many plans have changed in that time and Mrs Buns and I held out our hopes and stuck with VS for the trip (now to MCO) to come to fruition. Throughout the phone interactions with VS Call handlers (who were working from home many times) we got the flights we wanted without having to pay too much extra.

The day finally arrived and as we have built up a healthy points portfolio over recent years we indulged in using some for a CDC to pick us up from home and transport us to the Upper Class Wing at Heathrow. In the intention of avoiding any road protests, we set off at 6:15 and were sweeping into the Wing just before 7. Warmly welcomed and as it was so quiet, we had the ability to take a few snaps before being checked in. Despite fulfilling all requirements beforehand, we still had to show an agent our Jab certs before being checked in. The check in agent remarked on my V Flyer luggage tag “Do I look like I fly economy” with a little bit of envy. As it was so quiet, we breezed through the security line, albeit there were two YOP workers making sure any liquids were fitted into the little bags they provided!

By 7:20, we were in the Brasserie of the Clubhouse, ordering brekkie and fizz. As I mentioned before, service was exceptional and the days where it seemed “cloaks of invisibility” were in great supply, service throughout the Clubhouse is attentive and this is in no small part from the former Gatwick Manager transferring over and transforming the service ethos

Two and a half hours later it was time to respond to the call to go to the Gate, so we bid our farewells and made our way down the long extended pier. Welcomed on board by the FSM, we made our way to our seats (8 & 9A) to find my little tray table broken. As it was a full flight, I was just happy to be on the A aisle.

Shortly after takeoff, the FSM positively bounded down the aisle to welcome Mrs Buns and I and I thanked him for personally greeting Au’s on the flight – of which there were only 3 of us in total. Thereafter the service on the flight was exemplary

I know Mitcha has been kind enough to re-post the menus, so I will not fully repeat here. Mrs Buns opted for the chicken parfait starter and I the beetroot and for mains we both opted for the Chicken Pie. The food was a great improvement on the offerings in May (where we had resorted to bringing our own sandwiches on board that we had purchased from Pret at T3) which seemed too garlic orientated. Portion sizes could have been a little bigger, but on the whole this was a decent offering from VS The only hope now is the hot towels come back before too long.

Throughout the flight Mrs Buns and I were looked after on the drinks front and whilst the afternoon tea was smaller than years gone past, it was still welcomed 90 minutes before landing. Although headwinds had made this a 9 hour + flight, we still managed to arrive 10 minutes early!

All in all this rates as one of the best flights we have ever had on VS. The FSM made the difference, not only with the passengers, but it was evident he was highly respected by the Crew. Indeed, I subsequently discovered he had been previously awarded FSM Of The Year by VS, and it shows he had not rested on his laurels since as not once did he let up on the service and this made up for a tired cabin.
I write this TR whilst incarcerated in our hotel room as we see out Storm Nicole. Hopefully our return flight will be as good as our outbound.

Thanks for reading.


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