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19 May 2022, 20:58
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Virgin Atlantic VS449 althouth that was not an option when I selected from the drop down menu above - first time flying with Virgin since 2018, the flight had first been booked in 2019 with the intention of flying in April 2020. There was a two year delay for obvious reasons.

The flight left London on time but still quite late - after 10 p.m. which gave me a few hours to enjoy the Virgin lounge in Terminal 3. It was good to have the signature cocktail, a Redhead, again. So good I had two. I did not fancy any of the main courses on offer but had a duck bao bun and some cheese and biscuits before boarding the flight.

We left from gate 22, Virgin uses gates 13 to 22 at Heathrow so 22 is as far as it gets away from the lounge. People were boarding straight away rather than being held in a waiting area by the gate so it was quite speedy. Most of my flights on Virgin were to Las Vegas previously, these flights had a very small (14 seats) Upper class cabin and the service always felt very personal. Although it did feel awkward as people’s feet tended to stick out into the aisles. This time the Airbus had a different configuration very similar to BA and Qatar. The seat was also made of a textile rather than leather which I found more comfortable for sleeping. I am not sure the space has increased any, but rather than the seat flipping over to a flat bed as it used to, this new seat slowly flattens out while you are on it, so you can keep it at a more comfortable incline if you want to.

I had a starter (warm smoked salmon with horseradish cream) and a pudding (apple crumble), both of which were delicious. It was much too late by the time dinner was served to be eating a main course although I had pre-ordered, and I don’t think they bothered with bringing the cheese and biscuits around either.

For breakfast I had some mini pastries and fresh fruit. The pastries were warmed through and very tasty. There were options such as a full English but I did not feel up to anything more. The washrooms on this new configuration are quite small, no bigger than the equivalent on BA. I really enjoyed the flight and look forward to flying again with Virgin now that things are opening up. But I do miss the old 14 seat upper class cabins!
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